The firm is dedicated to a focused approach and therefore incorporate the services of specialized professionals in each of the categories of the law to ensure that we stay abreast with the latest legal trends and developments in the industry.

We believe in personal service and professional advise in all spheres of the law.


Drafting of and advising of property-related agreements

Residential and commercial property transactions

Registration of Mortgage Bonds ( Our Firm is appointed on the “A” Panel of Nedbank to attend to their bond registrations)

Cancellation of bonds (All Financial institutions as well as private bonds)

Opening and Registration of Sectional title schemes

All types of Endorsements

Subdivision and consolidation of properties

Registration of servitudes and any Notarial Deeds

Registration and Cancellation of Notarial Bonds

Establishment and proclamation of new Townships


Commercial Transactions

Commodity Trade

Contract Law

Wills and Estates

Estate Planning

Banking Law

Company and Close Corporation Registrations

Trust Registrations, planning and related matters

Corporate Restructuring

Competition Law


High and Magistrates Court litigation

Matrimonial Litigation

Motor vehicle accident claims


Debt Collections


Wills and Trust

Estate Planning

Trust Registrations, planning and related matters

Estate Administration